Meet the Maker | LASERworks

Hello, i’m Staci Schubert and I am the woman behind Sandpoint Laser Works.
A completely unique retail / wholesale / virtual experience. If it's not obvious, I LOVE LASERs. I also appreciate good design. In this space you are able to take an item off the shelf and have it customized. This is not your Dad's old engraving shop. This is a NEW Pinterest inspired, mountain modern, artist meets technical design SHOP.


We specialize in SMALL BATCH for SMALL BUSINESS:

We take your logo or idea and create unique quality items for your customers, clients, partners, teams, groups, leagues, events, etc. Please contact us to explore unique opportunities for your business.

You may not have thought of it. But I think of it in multiple mediums. I can take your ideas and turn them a reality. I was given the gift of a Visionary. Expansive views drawn from experience and training. I look forward to sharing my gift with you. Here product lines are created using imagination and skill, a Laser, fine art, graphic design, and magic.

I am #momboss. I am very active with my son. He is my mini biz partner. I am passing on the gift of entrepreneurship knowledge. We ski, camp and enjoy the beauty of our town.



Staci Schubert’s art is a collaboration of nature and culture, a meeting point between urban-luxe and 70's nostalgia. Staci was born and raised in the suburbs of New York and came to age in the grunge-gloss decade that defined her generation. Like her personality, her art is both classic and current, a combination of fast paced sleek meets mountain modern. Staci moved west in 1993, to Laguna Beach, after graduating from Rhode Island School of Design with a BFA/Graphic Design degree.

After a years in the fast paced advertising and hi-tech industry as a designer and even an executive level Sales Manager. She found her second passion, in the fashion industry, collaborating with international design houses Roxy, Harley Davidson and Coldwater Creek.

In 2014, she put her graphic design, marketing, sale, product design and technology skills to Leather, Wood, Acrylic, Metal and many other materials. What you see on this site is a culmination of her 25 years of graphic design, art and technical skills come together bringing you eye candy.